Have fun at work
and stay engaged!

How you feel while working makes a big difference. Most of the conditions depend on you and can be positively changed. Everything starts with a clear understanding, for that continuous control is needed. This process is made easy by uSENSE so that you can check your values any time. To give it real meaning share personal or team-health charts with others. Include friends and colleagues into an exciting journey of being engaged. Let’s build healthier business communities! Jump in and tell how you feel about your work now?

Exciting journey

Stimulate a creative environment and let your team have a feeling of continuous improvement. Good team is built on real values. That’s how growth progress becomes fun to follow and even much more beyond ..

Sharp sense

Be always attentive to your work environment and show understanding of other's values. The more information you have the better you can utilize your energy for good. You become a driver of collective work energy.

Frequent feedback

Get a frequent impulse of recognition. Real and timely information represent great value, helps to decide the next best action and keeps employees in the flow. You can give feedback to your colleagues and learn from them easily, anytime.

uSENSE is powered by AI

Our intelligent algorithms search the latest news and topics from different authentic sources. We run fine-tuned processes that relentlessly analyze the employee motivation subject and help our clients to understand their own situation better. AI clears up the context you are in, highlights the key factors that worth to focus to achieve a more engaged state of work-life.

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